Remembering our Divinity✨ Knowing that our Uniqueness is our Greatness💫


 Be Your Extra  - Ordinary Self

Be, Create, Grow, Transform and Thrive

Navigate the steps of your life being in sync with the Universe…who is responding to your every vibration

You have what it takes… What was once thought impossible is NOW possible

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Be the Foundation of your own Life Force Energy
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Reflect Inner Peace

From my Outer World

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Self-Care Practices

Love the beauty that you are. It all starts from within. This is an inside recognition by allowing your inner radiance to shine throughout. It all starts with love for self. Making the space for you. This opens you up to Your greatest potential, which lies within you. You are the authority of your life. Being a ”Master” being a “Guru” Gu meaning darkness of ignorance Ru meaning the divine light of knowledge. which is a person who removes darkness and illusion, with divine light of knowledge.


Complementary tools to assist you on your Journey

Learn about your energetic self that is connected to everything and everyone in a sea of infinite knowledge. Explore your own magnificence. The journey starts from within... dare to be your Extra - Ordinary, Self NOW!


Clip From The Treasure is YOU... Podcast Speaking with Julia Carmen a Curandera Seer of Soul

We all have an Indigenous Soul ✨ connected to the all of everything physical and non-physical.



The Journey of Remembering... 


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Moving body modality to bring in balance within your mind, body and spirit. Yoga (the root Yuj in Sanskrit mean to join or to unite) it is a clear knowledge of the oneness of yourself with the source of all life. This is the union between one’s consciousness and that of universal consciousness, which brings unity within your inner and outer worlds.


Tai Chi

Move your body while synchronizing your energy with the universe. This brings in a balance within all of your energy bodies. You are peaceful you are calm you are in a state of equilibrium.


Move your body by listening to the rhythm of your soul. This keeps you young at heart, while moving in a rhythm that brings joy, this keeps you fit, and having a sense of expression through the art of dance.

Dedicate yourself to your practice

It all starts here NOW. Cultivate your own chi energy. Being grounded in your own life force anchored in your heart. Life can become difficult being sentient beings sensitive to the energy on this earth. This Foundation 1 Essential is helping you to learn and strengthen your own Chi Energy. This will broaden your awareness while keeping you grounded in your heart where all things are created. This is the foundation that anchors in a brand new reality, a reality, where miracles take place.

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Learn about our Cakra System and Planets

We are all connected to the planets, Sun 🌞 and Moon 🌙 our Cakra System filters all day long our thoughts, actions, and experiences. This union between our cakra system and planets shape our actions, personalities and create the person that you see


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 Remembering our Divinity ✨Knowing That Our Uniqueness is Our Greatness✨

We are always experiencing, growing and learning. Witnessing the beauty of life itself, externally, and internally. We encompass the Whole of all life, creating this beautiful tapestry in which we are all witnessing.



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Empowered Sovereign website was created with the intent to bring additional alternative natural ways and insight into your life. You being of sound mind, able to make clear decisions for yourself. Adding natural ways of being to bring about balance and a healthy state of well-being. Therefore, if you are chronically ill, or under the care of a medical doctor or healthcare professional continue to do so.