Remembering our Divinity✨ Knowing that our Uniqueness is our Greatness💫



Sonya’s Journey

Welcome fractals of the Divine, I am Sonya a passion filled catalyst here bringing back the remembrance of our radiant Divinity that is always pulsating Love through our unbound Heart I am a speaker and creative innovator of empowered consciousness, aligning with all things empowered, expressive and TRUTH… I have embodied the essence of love, integrity, and compassion. Through the struggles of insecurities, and giving my own God-given power away to others, because of me not believing in myself. 

These lifelong lessons have helped me cultivate the person that happens to be writing from the pages of my own life story. Seeing my shadow, my reflection, and the multitude of personas that emanate from my being has created a magnetic force that gets stronger everyday.

Ever since I was a child I knew that there was more to this physical reality. I hid in the shadows most of my life, because it felt natural to be unseen, I know now that this was a distorted way of being that was placed within the minds of the “Collective,”… collective being us, “Humanity”…

 I am an awaken soul that has brought into union aspects of myself in which you are receiving information from, I have uncovered many pieces of myself throughout many life experiences, knowing that we all encompass the Heart of all Consciousness.

Through the currents of life, I would question such thoughts like why should I hide from others, why do people lie, and hurt one another. I observed myself and others daily, it was natural, it was what I did and that helped me to attune myself to the infinite possibilities that was right before my eyes.

I am a student in the game of life, learning, growing, stretching the limits beyond this limited manufactured reality. I am also a natural born healer like  ALL of us are, we do it everyday with a simple “smile” 😊  yet most of us are unaware of this natural born gift, because of old pyridoxal beliefs that have been imprinted within the psyche of the collective. These indoctrinating beliefs have led us to feel less than, not enough and always searching for the answers outside of ourselves rather than within. Within are where all things lie dormant, until you began to remember.

As a child I would frequently receive glimpses of myself in other timelines and planets which has led me throughout my journey to realize that I am witnessing and experiencing myself through the lens of this 3-D simulated reality, in which we have created. We are  “Divine Essences”. yet, Uniquely different. Now collectively we are the same,“One Mind, One Heart”.

Fortunately, life has shown me it’s mysterious unbound path that is like a symphony. We are the beautiful notes being played everyday. This is why our vibration is necessary because it connects us with everything being a perfect match. We live in a world of vibrational resonance. Furthermore, this is why I am learning to enjoy the gifts of life, which are the things that enrich our lives, such as eating great food, academics, exploration, procreation, and ultimately uniting us as one through the everyday interactions that connect us.

“We are Fractals” “Sparks of Creation”… and to simply put this into perspective we are physical manifestations of God. Having free WILL...We all have the choice to do what is for our highest good or not for our highest good. The power is always within us. Yet on the journey we all forget that we have the power to accomplish anything. Now today I do not hide. I do not run. I face whatever it is, that needs to be faced, this is where our true power lies. No more hiding for me I’ve done that very well. Now it is time for me to shine my light like never before, so that others can see their own magnificence through the reflection of life.



 I have learned from my life experiences to embrace all moments whether it’s uncomfortable or full of great joy, this has helped me to cultivate and to shape me into who it is, that I‘am at this present moment… life is simply “Beautiful” once you fully embrace your Divine Essence✨



Coming back to the Infinite Love of Self Empowered Sovereign✨

Learn to create space for ourselves as energetic beings, who are entangled with everything and everyone. Learn about your story that has never been told. We are all experiencing life through the beliefs that we all have created through the reality that we witness every day. Do you like what you see in your reality? If not, then we have the WILL the POWER to change the face of our reality right now by having the courage to do so. Create a foundation to walk the path that is your greatest experience yet. This helps to raise the frequency on the planet, spreading Love, Joy, and Great Harmony into the world…