Remembering our Divinity✨ Knowing that our Uniqueness is our Greatness💫

Clip we are the Picasso’s

Jan 26, 2024

Clip The misunderstandings of the colorful and exuberant empath. We are all empathic essences. Being sentient beings feeling the emotions, the sensations, the pain, the joy that each one may feel at times. You are a colorful creative essence in the world and I thank you for your passion that is always guiding you from your heart. For it is the empath that sets new horizons for the world with their music, their artistry, their truth and deep convictions of greatness. The empath is the epitome of being unbound. Thank you for always following your Heart. This is what changes our world for the better for all of humanity that is connected in a sea that unite us through Love.