Remembering our Divinity✨ Knowing that our Uniqueness is our Greatness💫

The Relationships that Shape Us

Feb 20, 2024





On the road of this unfolding journey lies the pathways that create great expansion for the coming moments that we all take for granted.

It is a fascination with the very small nuances that carry us into a field of mystery, chaos and sweet surrender. We are always engaging and forming relationships with the people that we are in contact with daily.

These extraordinary people that we are creating bonds with are helping us to grow at deeper levels as our soul guides us. Take notice of your relationships.

Are you easy-going, difficult, aggressive or reserved. This is a moment in time that you can take stock in all of what you have gathered along the way through your relationships.


Different roles in Relationships

~ Teacher/Student

~ Mother/Child

~ Employer/Employee

~ Travel guide/Traveler

~ Minister/Church member

~ Retailer/Consumer

~ Coach/Athlete

~ Composer/Musician

~ Husband/Wife

~ Doctor/Nurse

~ Director/Actor



The Relationship with the Composer and the Musicians


These are the relationships that evolves our very own soul by engaging on different levels to gain the understanding of one another, while respecting learning, and realizing that we all need each other to make our experiences of great value, this is because of our relationships with one another.

OK here is a practice that you can do daily…

Observe yourself with your coworkers, managers, department heads and others that may be in positions that society label as being lower than your own position.  Are you agreeable? Are you objective or opposing on most matters, observe your relationships with your coworkers and managers, department heads and other positions.

If you are agreeable, are you really agreeable? Or are you agreeing because everyone else in the group is agreeing and you do not want to stand out in the crowd by disagreeing. Ask yourself this question do I agree with this present situation really do I?if you do not agree, then ask yourself why would you lie to yourself because that is what you’re doing when you lie to others. It always comes right back to you. You know that saying the truth will set you Free, well yes it most certainly will. So if you are true in your heart agreeable, and it feels good,  your  heart is happy. but if you are not true to yourself, then this is allowing you to see the reflection of yourself through others. If you do not agree, then voice your truth, because your truth may be that special thing to help everyone in that current event. By you not agreeing from your heart is helping to unite other coworkers, because you spoke your truth, which most do not do, but you did, and that speaks volumes in the world. It actually opens up a new reality of truth of a higher vibration that essentially helps others to speak their truth. Do you see what I’m saying when one person does the right thing which is speaking from the heart that literally transforms everything and everyone because that energy is very powerful in fact, it’s the most powerful energy on our planet. Observe yourself, and then act accordingly to your heart, your heart knows, nobody else knows what the heart knows let’s make this clear, because there could be some confusion in what I am saying. Let’s face it. A lot of people in our world are not aware of what their heart is telling them because of Connecting with the collective mind that says to not follow your heart into not be agreeable or to be agreeable. The collective mind needs attuning of the heart which cannot be found in any college or grocery store. It can only be found within where possibilities lie for the ultimate solutions in life  But if you continue to not acknowledge your own heart, then you have trapped yourself in a web of heartless expression, and you cannot get out. Your WILL is not strong enough to break free. 

Next, if you are opposing on most matters with your coworkers, managers, department, heads and other positions, which really is opposing to YOURSELF, because we are reflections of one another.

This is an opportunity for you to question yourself on why you are opposing on most matters. This opposition is trying at best to get your attention for you to align yourself so you no longer have to oppose yourself or anybody because you are now in alignment with your own Divine Essence. That says I am love and I do love myself unconditionally, I see myself, and I am worthy, this is why I am here to remember this TRUTH by being it, embodying it.  

~ let’s say for an example the root cause for you being opposing to others and yourself is because of pain, physical pain, mental pain, verbal pain, any time that you witness pain you begin to tense up and deny that this pain is taking place this causes you to scream or become nasty or sarcastic or snappy these are all the byproducts that one will reveal to others because of the root cause of PAIN…

~Now just to let you know, you would never realize that your root cause for opposing people and yourself was because of a physical, mental, verbal pain that you have been carrying with you all of your life and this physical pain started when you saw your father, being verbally and physically abusive to your mother. This pain has trickle down into all areas of your life now. You cannot stand to hear people arguing, yelling, screaming, and you cannot tolerate any physical violence of any kind. This is your root cause for your opposing ways towards others and yourself, which causes you to not love yourself, or others unconditionally because of the root cause of pain. 

Now you are realizing the ROOT cause on why you may be opposing let me clarify, opposing it is an internal fight, a battle that one does unconsciously, because of a internal trauma, fear or discomfort, that you have been carrying around most or all of your life. That is what opposing means. You do not go with the flow of most things because of this internal mis- alignment that is happening to you unconsciously. This will then open up parts of yourself that needed to be revealed to you for healing. This is inner work this is inner alignment. This is inner connecting, and this is the key to everlasting happiness here on your physical journey in life.

Yes, beautiful essences of divinity, healing is a part of the process for everyone who has incarnated in this life experience which is every living soul. We are learning, growing and expanding.

Every single person living, breathing, engaging in this life will have to undergo the healing process, which will be different for each person. This is a significant moment taking place right now for the first time in your life, acknowledging a part or many parts that needed to be seen and heard, which eventually brings about opening up your Heart ♥️ so you can begin to love yourself unconditionally no matter what.  

Let’s continue. You should take a note of this actually write it down or save it on your computer or your phone or tablet. This is the beginning for you acknowledging yourself, which is the greatest thing that you can do for yourself. So write it down and when you are in the company of others… Coworkers, managers, department, heads, and other positions, observe and make the necessary changes because you are actually healing yourself naturally without any medication without any manipulating that this world usually brings to the forefront for all humanity to feel less then and unsure of ourselves. You are standing in your own divine God essence  by acknowledging yourself now. You may feel as though you are not doing anything, but you are actually creating right now, a new reality, a new narrative for yourself, which brings in more greatness, more joy, more hope for you to accomplish the things that you desire from your heart. Nobody can manipulate you, nobody can dictate to you. You are now seeing yourself in a different light, which is the light of divinity that can do ,see ,hear, and know all things. Stay with this practice, because this will open up more and more of your own divine God essence naturally.  Now I congratulate you for taking this step. If you continue to move forward on this healing process which is acknowledging yourself, then you will be an inspiration to others in the world. This is actually helping the entire world because dear ones, we are all vibrating, and putting out the frequency into the world so others can feel and create the types of realities that each desire to create for ourselves. 

Next, observe yourself with your family members. Are you agreeable? Are you objective or opposing on most matters, observe your relationships with your family members. Do you allow them to push you to the limit. Do you allow them to use their influence over you because they could be a older brother, a older sister, or a cousin who happens to know a great deal about the game of life, so you are influenced by that. Take notes and observe yourself with your family members, and remember that your family members are a part of the whole of consciousness that is as well, hiding, masking, fighting and opposing you and other family members, which is actually a posing yourself, because we are all reflections of one another. This type of consciousness is what the whole gravitates toward which is not Love. These ways of being have been imprinted within our psyche. Now it is time for all of consciousness to realize our shortcomings, so we can release while transcending those limited beliefs and actions. We are all meant for the greatness that is shining within us.These are the repetitive states of being that will keep the whole of consciousness engaged in false realities that we all create daily because of us not knowing that we should be loving ourselves. I always say that it is simple yet for the Whole of Consciousness it has become complicated due to the spiral of repetition. It keeps you busy, depleting your energy, and not focused on a true reality which is yourself becoming your greatest version. 

Moving on observe your mood in a room of strangers, are you easy-going or are you aggressive or are you fearful? Observe yourself in this changeable environment of strangers.

These practices are helping you to establish right now, who you are as a person in different types of relationships with people. This will show you if you are an easy-going person or a person that has opposition that has resistance in simple things. You have to question yourself on these things. you will learn a great deal about yourself once you observe these different scenarios that actually shape who we are as a whole of consciousness.

Dear to be your extra - ordinary - self, by making the space for you to learn, expand and grow through your heart. This is where you are freeing yourself from the mental shackles that limit the whole of consciousness. 

Congratulations to you empowered sovereign, and you have the power to cultivate all of your relationships now by being your True Self, which is the embodiment of  Love 💕