Remembering our Divinity✨ Knowing that our Uniqueness is our Greatness💫

I am Grateful for the gifts of this Life which are people, places, and things. These are the Treasures of this world. If you choose to open your Eyes


I’m Sonya it is a pleasure to meet you Empowered Sovereign. We have a lot in common and I just wanted to share some of our great qualities.

We love to shine our light everywhere we go.

We are the architects building this brand new reality of infinite possibilities

We are brothers and sisters with the same mother.

We love the sunrise and the sunset.

We allow the love from within our hearts to navigate us to the people, places, and things that magnetizes a richness that is worthy of OUR PRESENCE “We are Radiance Personified,”

We like uplifting one another because we all need support in our lives so we can continue to empower others through our Strong WILL

We like dancing in the moonlight.

We love, speaking our truth, because this sends a message of self expression throughout the world

We love to play jokes on one another this keeps our hearts lighthearted

We like to help others in need such as the elderly, children, and animals

We are shooting stars who have landed here to light the way by choreographing our own dance of life

It is nice to meet you Empowered Sovereign


What really matters to me I ask myself this  question often times. Silence, then pause… forget all of the outside chatter, the constant distractions all around. The drama that seeps through the cracks and arrives at your doorstep. Every chance it gets. I pay it no mind… not giving it the spotlight, this time or ever. What matters to me is the continuous unfolding of this wondrous life. The smiles of many lovely children, the dogs I see running on the beach, mans best friend always cheerful, helping humanity find its way through the comfort of our loving pets. What matters to me is the evolving collective having the courage to let go of all old ways of thinking. So that we can embrace the new way of thinking, which is optimism without limitations. What matters to me is the unity of one heart ❤️ and one soul. Life is magnificent in every way. But most of all what really matters is YOU my dearest. You are the reflection in the mirror the beat in my heart, and the sparkle in my eyes. That is what really matters to me, without a doubt,🤗

Written By Sonya Strong